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BloomTHC for Legal Cannabis Employers

Welcome to BloomTHC! BloomTHC is a free job site with the largest targeted group of legal cannabis jobs in the market.

One of the biggest draws to this online community is the robust job board geared towards helping businesses and workers connect in the fastest growing job market in North America! Keep reading to see a quick breakdown of how to set up your employer or candidate profiles.

How to Create a Cannabis Job Listing

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you created your free BloomTHC account as an employer. If you need to change this role, reach out to us at

Step 2: From the main site menu, hover your mouse over the menu item called “Employers”. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Submit a Job”. Here’s a handy link to take you straight there: Click here! Fill out all the required fields. Some fields are optional, but remember that the more information you provide for your job listing, the more attractive the listing will look to potential candidates.

Step 3: Click “Preview Job” to get a good look at your efforts before you publish your job listing live. Edit if needed, then click “Submit Job”. Good luck! If you choose to be more proactive in your search for a qualified candidate, proceed to the next step: Find a Candidate

How to Search for Candidates for your Job Listing

Step 1: Search for a candidate! From the main site menu, hover your mouse over the menu item called “Employers”. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on “Find a Candidate”. Here’s a nifty link that will take you there immediately: Click here! You can search by name, by keyword, and by job category.

Step 2: Once you’ve found a list of candidates that match your search criteria, you can click on each candidate’s name to visit their profile. On each profile, you will be able to view the candidate’s social media profile, bookmark them for future reference, and even reach out to them directly.

What else can you do with BloomTHC Employment Job Boards?

Employers are also able to manage and streamline the entire hiring process.  Employers can label candidates based on their interviewing status and skills.  With BloomTHC you can make the hiring process easier, more streamlined and less expensive!  When you select employer when creating an account you can take advantage of all of these employer features and more.

What’s next?

Submit your job listings today to attract great workers.

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