Types of Jobs Available in the Marijuana Industry

Types of Jobs Available in the legal Cannabis Industry

Slowly but surely, marijuana legislation has been passed in the United States. Beginning in Colorado and Washington, recreational and medical marijuana laws have spread across the nation, with programs now in 29 states. While legalization has been great for users, it’s also become a rapidly growing market for jobs. If you’re hoping to work in the marijuana industry, you’re in luck!

Marijuana Employment Statistics

As of January 2017, it’s estimated that legal marijuana has created nearly 123,000 full-time jobs. Where there is money to be made, jobs will be created. This comes as no surprise considering that in 2016, marijuana sales in Colorado totaled $1.3 billion dollars. A study conducted by the Marijuana Policy Group cites that in 2015, 18,005 cannabis jobs were created in Colorado, showing the impact legalization has had on the job market in the state.

The marijuana job market isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. New Frontier Data, a cannabis data analysis firm, estimates that by 2020 the marijuana job market will create 250,000 jobs. This is greater than estimates in more traditional industries, like manufacturing, and even in the government sector. With so much potential, it looks like the marijuana job market will continue to grow.

Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

The growth of marijuana is unprecedented. Who could have predicted the impact of legal marijuana on the job market? Regardless, those who have always sought to be involved in the marijuana business now can be, legally. The marijuana job market offers those looking for employment a variety of opportunities.

Retail: Dispensaries

One of the most needed positions in the marijuana job market is at dispensaries. In Colorado, in 2015, 24% of marijuana jobs created were in retail operations. The need at dispensaries is so high because these individuals are the faces of legal marijuana. It is here that patients and recreational users learn about and purchase marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

In order to be considered for a job working at a dispensary, you must have an extensive knowledge of marijuana, understand state marijuana regulations, and have any licenses that are required by the state. On a daily basis, a job working at a dispensary will include consulting patients and recreational users, doing inventory, as well as weighing and packaging products.


Love getting your hands dirty? Perhaps a job in marijuana agriculture is a good fit for you. Without skilled individuals working to plant, care for, trim, dry, and cut marijuana, what would marijuana users do?

As the marijuana industry has grown, so has the skill level of those seeking to grow marijuana. Individuals seeking these positions must have extensive knowledge of marijuana plants, plant anatomy, breeding, soil nutrition, and various growing methods. Whether you decide to work for a dispensary-owned farm or a larger supplier, expect be at the forefront of strain development.

Marijuana Manufacturing

Marijuana manufacturing will continue to be a significant part of the marijuana job market as legislation continues across the United States. This role can be incredibly varied, as marijuana production processes continue to be developed on an industrial scale.

Ever wanted to help business address marijuana farming techniques, or prevent plant infestations? This could be the job for you! Ever wanted to develop and create marijuana-infused treats or extract concentrates? Here’s your chance.

In a booming industry yet to reach its full economic potential, the marijuana manufacturing job market will be in need to skilled individuals. Expect jobs in this area to be varied, require broad marijuana knowledge, and perhaps even a business background.

Management and Administration

Management and administration positions in the marijuana job market will always be needed, in dispensaries and even at the government level. If you’re looking to work in marijuana from a business perspective, these are the positions you should seek out.

Dispensaries need effective leaders. Just as offices require managers, dispensaries do as all. From managing licenses and totaling sales, to tracking inventory and communicating with growers, managers play a critical role in running a dispensary daily. Administrators also keep the dispensary running smoothly. The administrators of a dispensary may set budgets, do the accounting and data entry, and handle in communication between the dispensary and media or government agencies.

At the government level, marijuana administration is required as well. Administration officials process and grant licenses, issue violations and compile statistics at the local and state levels.

Preparing for a Job in the Marijuana Industry

Preparing for a job in the emerging marijuana is not as difficult as you may think. First and foremost, regardless of the type of job you’d like to have, learn as much as you can about the marijuana industry. Study the rules and regulations of your state and stay informed about marijuana legislation nationwide. If necessary, apply for any marijuana licenses required by the state you hope to work in.

Luckily, BloomTHC can make the process of preparing for a job in the marijuana industry easy! As one of the few resources for those looking for job opportunities in the marijuana industry, it isn’t something to take for granted. Create your free Bloom account and upload your resume now.

Networking is one of the most critical aspects of preparing for a job in the marijuana industry. Don’t have any contacts in the marijuana industry? Bloom forums allow you to interact with those working in the industry. Before you even begin a career in marijuana, you can connect with professionals, ask questions, and build business relationships. Forum topics range from legalization to strains, and even growing methods. Bloom forums can help prepare you for a career in the growing marijuana job market. Visit the forums here.

After studying the industry, applying for licenses, and networking, you can turn to BloomTHC to search through hundreds of marijuana job listings. Positions range from marijuana jobs in dispensaries to those in agriculture, manufacturing, and management and administration. BloomTHC provides those looking for a job in the growing marijuana industry with a comprehensive list of positions.

As marijuana legislation continues to pass across the United States, the marijuana job market will continue to grow. By understanding the industry and using the resources available to you, you can discover a rewarding career in the ever-growing marijuana industry.

Come and bloom with us!

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