Press Release: BloomTHC is Live

BloomTHC Launches Free Marijuana Community with Employment, Forums, Networking, and Compliance.

Tampa, FL, Sept. 29, 2017 BloomTHC, a free community for the legal marijuana industry, today announces the release of a marijuana community website where marijuana enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and activists can go to hang out and share ideas and best practices.

“Learning from and interacting with people in this growing industry should be free,” says Jon Blaze, CEO, Co-Founder of BloomTHC. “North America stands to gain a lot from the legal marijuana industry, namely through economic growth, which ultimately brings prosperity and security and even medical wellness to North Americans across the continent. BloomTHC is a means to facilitate that growth.”

The marijuana industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States. With new markets, come new jobs. There are currently 150,000 jobs in companies across the United States dedicated to the various forms and uses of cannabis[1]. To answer this call, BloomTHC brings to the table a free-to-play job board, equipped equally for employers and candidates. Employers can post jobs and search a database of potential candidates, while candidates have the ability to post their resumes and apply to jobs. Both parties enjoy personalized and automated alerts when candidates or jobs become available.

Given the nature and history of cannabis, it’s unlikely that the government will relinquish control and monitoring of this controversial industry. To that end, BloomTHC is committed to the research and dissemination of compliance and governmental oversight that the industry must maintain and maneuver. Community participants can sign up to receive email notifications in their inbox whenever there is significant news in the market.

To keep pace with the constant evolution inherent to any emerging market, BloomTHC offers a forum where participants can create public and private groups to share peer knowledge and best practices, as well as interact with the community in general. There’s even a forum dedicated to the humorous aspect of the industry, where participants can share jokes and memes for a good laugh.

BloomTHC invites everyone to visit the website, create their own user, and check out all the nooks, crannies, and quirks that this new community offers at

About BloomTHC

BloomTHC is a marijuana community facilitator for the legal marijuana industry. Our goal is to bring together legal businesses, workers, and consumers under one platform in a mutually beneficial, completely free-of-charge environment. The BloomTHC Marijuana Community focuses on 4 core areas: employment (employers and candidates) for economic growth, forums and networking for the sharing of peer knowledge and industry best practices, and compliance to continue to push the envelope of positive legislative and societal change in the marijuana industry.

Media Contact:

Jon Blaze, CEO and Co-Founder of BloomTHC



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